HPL’s Price Guarantee

  • High Performance Lighting Guarantees the Lowest Prices on the products we carry.
  • If you find a lower price, HPL will match the price offered by our competitors, plus 10% of the difference.
  • Applies to authorized re-sellers or reputable retailers only, online and in-store, within Canada and the USA.
  • Product must be in-stock and available for purchase.
  • Product brand and model numbers must match and be clearly indicated.
  • Does not apply to marketplaces, such as Craigslist or Kijiji.
  • The lower price must not be because of a price or advertising error, or due to a special sale.
  • Terms and Conditions:
    • HPL’s Price Guarantee applies to customers resident in the same country as the currency of the price they wish HPL to match. The customer’s shipping and billing address must be in the same country as the currency the customer is look to price match.
    • HPL reserves the right not to price match if, for whatever reason, the match does not make sense.

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Customer Reviews

High Performance Lighting

Customer Reviews

Alain Dube April 2021

Purchased the JW Speaker Model 9600 heated LED headlights for Peterbilt trucks. "Took me 30 minutes to install and they work great!"

Erik Becks - Owner, Iron Ash November 2020

Installed a set of JW Speaker 8910 5x7 Heated LED lights on my 1992 Dodge Ram W350 that I converted to run on WVO. Absolutely love the lights and are literally night and day in comparison to the stock halogens. Customer service is top notch if you have any questions!

Brandon Hamilton July 2018

Easy to deal with, helped fix an issue with the order very fast and promptly.

Jen and Brett Habijanac May 2021

Purchased Lightforce 170mm lights with covers.
Good service. Prompt Delivery.

Jamie Robertson June 2019

The team at High Performance Lighting provided exceptional service and support while helping me determine an electrical issue from adding LED lights on an older car. Even though the issue had nothing to do with the product that I purchased, they were quick to offer support and advice throughout the whole process. I was so impressed, I bought more lights for my other vehicle!