We are hearing from an increasing number of customers who've been pulled over and ticketed by police, highway enforcement officers and officials at commercial weigh / inspection stations, for having illegal lights on their vehicles.  This is even more so with commercial truck drivers, work vehicles and service trucks.  Many drivers do not realize that there are many SAE/DOT compliant (road legal) forward-lighting products (bulbs, headlamps, driving lamps and fog lamps) with performance and light output that rival many of the popular non-compliant products.


This informative brochure has been prepared to help you distinguish between compliant and non-compliant forward lighting products and to provide examples of several of the SAE and DOT compliant lights that are available throughout Canada.  In the following pages you will find examples of high performance aftermarket light bulbs, headlamps, driving lamps and fog lamps that can be used legally on all roadways in Canada. 


Also included in the appendices at the back of this booklet, are excerpts from various provincial motor vehicle acts (British Columbia Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec) that will help you to correctly select and install compliant lighting products. Click the image above to download this free brochure that will help keep you on the right side of the law when it comes to your vehicle lighting!