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J.W. Speaker Corporation provides a best-in-class warranty against defects in materials, components and workmanship, according to the terms outlined below. This warranty excludes claims resulting from certain conditions, as outlined in the Warranty Exclusions section, listed below. It applies only to the original purchaser and original installation, and it is NOT transferable.


Forward Lighting LED Products
“Forward-Lighting” includes DOT- and ECE-compliant LED headlights, driving lights and fog lights. These products are covered by a five (5) year limited warranty, except for the following products:

    • Model 9800 Freestanding Headlight: 2 year limited warranty
• Model 8770 Locomotive Headlight: 4 years or 30,000 hours limited warranty


Non-Forward Lighting LED Products
“Non-Forward Lighting” includes LED auxiliary lights, backup lights, clearance and marker lights, emergency and warning lights, interior lights, license plate lights, marine lights, stop and tail lights, turn signal lights and work lights. These products are covered by a lifetime limited warranty, except for the following products:

    • Model 60 Portable LED Scene Light: 1 year limited warranty
• Model 255 LED Vehicle Identification Signs: 1 year limited warranty


Bulb-Based & Legacy Products
“Bulb-Based” and “Legacy” products include incandescent, halogen and HID units (e.g. Model 9710 and 9720), OEM products no longer in production; service parts; and products targeted for obsolescence. These products are covered by a one (1) year limited warranty (except for bulbs and sealed beams).


Non-Lighting Products
“Non-Lighting” products includes thermal imaging units (Model 9790), electronic components, harnesses, mounting equipment and other accessories. These products are covered by a one (1) year limited warranty.




J.W. Speaker’s Warranty Policy does NOT allow claims resulting from the following conditions:



• Abuse, neglect and damage
• Modifications and alterations
• Improper installation
• Chemical exposure (e.g. cleaning solutions)
• Voltage transients, spikes and over-voltage
• Naturally occurring phenomena such as condensation & corrosion

Visit www.jwspeaker.com/warranty-exclusions for more details.




End Customers
End customers MUST initiate a warranty claim with the authorized J.W. Speaker dealer where they purchased the product. J.W. Speaker Corporation does not process end customer warranty claims.


MOISTURE INSIDE THE HEADLAMP:  If you have purchased a J.W. Speaker LED lighting product, you need to understand the difference between what Speaker considers normal condensation in their headlamps (which is NOT a warrantable issue) and water ingress and leaking, which is covered under warranty.  To view Speaker's document on this issue, click this link:  THE TRUTH ABOUT HEADLIGHT CONDENSATION

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